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Stress and why the brain needs to forget .

Stress is linked to clotted arteries, aging, high blood pressure, eating disorder, and frankly every other organic life threatening way to leave this world. It is no wonder that stress is said to be the silent killer. Aside from the phenomenal capabilities of the brain, such as monitoring different systems simultaneity, and it’s rapid reaction time; the brain has limitations. Among these, is the lack of a proper management system ie: a built in outlook. The brain can’t properly handle a to-do list, or manage a calendar as well as a computer. For the longest time, I felt pity for the brain, that is until I made a correlation to stress. Now, I feel that the lack of a proper management system is nature’s way of keeping the human race alive. The ability to forget is not a limitation to the brain but rather a tool to fight stress and more so death. Therefore, next time you get home from the store and realize you forgot to pick up those batteries, don’t beat yourself up for it.



Responsive Design

Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).Content-is-like-water-1980

Movie marathon list

Movie marathon list
By Patricia Sarmiento

[ ] Modern times 1936 Charlie Chaplin
[ ] Gone with the wind 1939 victor Flemming
[ ] Citizen Kane 1941 Orson Welles
[ ] Casablanca 1942 Michael Curtiz
[ ] The Bicycle Thief 1948 Vittorio De Sica
[ ] Singing In The Rain 1952 Jene Kelley
[ ] Vertigo 1958 Alfred Hitchcock
[ ] Psycho 1960 Alfred Hitchcock
[ ] Lawrence of Arabia 1962 David Lean
[ ] The Deer Hunter 1978 Michael Cimino
[ ] The Shinning
[ ] One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
[ ] Rocky I, II, III
[ ] The Godfather I,II,III
[ ] Ben-Hur
[ ] The Graduate 1967
[ ] Platoon 1986
[ ] La Haine 1995
[ ] Jules et Jim 1962
[ ] Lolita 1962
[ ] City of God 2002 Fernando Meirelles
[ ] Blood In Blood Out 1993
[ ] Whiplash
[ ] Lone surviver
[ ] Birth of a nation 1915 D.W. Griffith
[ ] Romero and Juliet 1968
[ ] A clock work orange 1971
[ ] LA dolce Vita. 1962 Federico Fellini
[ ] The 400 blows 1959 francois truffaut
[ ] Apocalypse now 1979

Ultimate Gaming System

Gigabyte X99 System Build Core i7-5960X PC!

Subject: General Tech
Manufacturer: Gigabyte

Killing those end of summer blues

As we approach the end of summer and the beginning of the life of Windows 10, PC Perspective and Gigabyte (along with Thermaltake and Kingston) have teamed up to bring our readers a system build guide and giveaway that is sure to get your gears turning. If you think that an X99-based system with an 8-core Intel Extreme processor, SLI graphics, 480GB SSD and 32GB of memory sounds up your alley…pay attention.

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Deep in thought…

Even with the dawn of Skylake nearly upon us, there is no debate that the Haswell-E platform will continue to be the basis of the enthusiasts dream system for a long time. Lower power consumption is great, but nothing is going to top 8-cores, 16-threads and all the PCI Express lanes you could need for expansion to faster storage and accessories. With that in mind Gigabyte has partnered with PC Perspective to showcase the power of X99 and what a builder today can expect when putting together a system with a fairly high budget, but with lofty goals in mind as well.

Let’s take a look at the components we are using today.

Gigabyte X99 System Build
Processor Intel Core i7-5960X – $1048
Motherboard Gigabyte X99 Gaming 5P – $309
Memory Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4-2666 32GB – $325
Graphics Card 2 x Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 960 2GB – $199
Storage Kingston HyperX Savage 480GB SSD – $194
Case Thermaltake Core V51 – $82
Power Supply Thermaltake Toughpower Grand 850 watt – $189
CPU Cooler Thermaltake Water 3.0 Extreme S – $94
Total Price $1591 – Amazon Full Card (except CPU)
$1048 – Amazon Intel Core i7-5960X
Grand Total: $2639

Continue reading our system build and find out how you can WIN this PC!!

At the heart of our system build is the Gigabyte X99 Gaming 5P motherboard, a unit ripe with power delivery improvements, sound quality enhancements and features that enable gamers and overclockers to reach the pinnacle of all other components in the system. Looking for 4-Way SLI and CrossFire support? No problem. Need to attach 10 SATA devices for your crazy array? Check.

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Gigabyte has also provided us with a pair of GeForce GTX 960 graphics card to run in SLI for our build. The GTX 960 is more than capable of pushing 2560×1440 resolution displays and with a pair of them working together, gamers will have no more excuses.

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Obviously the Intel Core i7-5960X is a star here: with 8-cores and 16-threads of processing capability, the flagship consumer CPU from Intel is the highest performance desktop processor on the market and is more than capable of handling any computing task you can throw at it. If you are working on photo editing, 4K video, application development – it doesn’t matter – this CPU will brute force its way through just about anything.

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Kingston has supplied us with 32GB of DDR4 memory running  at 2666 MHz which should appease any eager user. And the 480GB Savage SSD is awesome as well, providing speed and capacity to get up and running with an incredibly quick system build.

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And Thermaltake is here as well, providing the Core V51 chassis, the Water 3.0 240mm self-contained cooler and the Toughpower Grand 850 watt power supply that provides the juice for all the components listed above.

In total, we have about $2500 invested in this system and it would clearly make for an amazing Windows 10 and gaming rig to start off the fall.

But for those of you that might want to try their luck before investing their dollars, how about you take the time to enter into our contest below. The prize? The complete PC listed above including the Gigabyte X99 motherboard and $1000+ Intel Core i7-5960X processor!

Logo Design

The creative process behind designing a logo includes a wide array of techniques that can range from loose free form hand-lettering to rigid clean font designs almost mathematical in precision and in how the letters relate to each other. What I’ve done here falls in between. The video below shows the different variations of the Geeking Out logo from beginning to end.

Creativity can take time, let the process flow naturally.

Principios complejos

Animaciones simples para explicar principios complejos

1.-Motor radial (usado en aeronaves)

2.-Sistema para regulación ovalada

3.-Máquinas de coser

4.-El movimiento de la Cruz de Malta – Utilizado para controlar los relojes

5.-Cambio automático

6.-Velocidad constante universal


7.-Sistema de carga de munición automático

8.-Motor rotativo, de combustión interna

9.-Motor en línea, cilindros opuestos

Your Timeline

Yesterday Google launched Your Timeline for maps, a feature that shows users locations they’ve visited; users can visualize their real-word routine, see the places they spend their time most & view places by the day, month or yr; also shows photos took during specific days. The feature is  available on desktop & Android.

Read more about it here.


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